Best Actor Contenders- September 2014

We’re starting to get a clear idea of who will be in the running for Best Actor for 2015 and it is likely to be dominated by first time nominees.

1. Steve Carell: Foxcatcher- Yes, Academy Award Winner Michael Scott, and with his latest role in psychological drama Foxcatcher, it has a real chance of being true. Steve Carell transforms to give the comedian a chance at picking up Oscar gold and is already a dead cert to pick up a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama.

2. Michael Keaton: Birdman- Another unlikely name in the hat, Keaton’s been given a role of a life time and will see him win the Golden Globe in the Comedy/Musical catergory.

3. Eddie Redmayne: The Theory of Everything- The British actor has had a lot of praise from Toronto for playing Stephen Hawking and is likely to pick up a nomination here.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch: The Imitation Game- He may lose a bit of steam as the lesser performance of a struggling real life British genius, but the Sherlock star should still pick up a nomination.

5. Timothy Spall: Mr Turner- The winner at Cannes is losing a bit of buzz and is the first contender to premiere in the UK, but should still hang on to a spot.

Other Contenders: David Oyelowo: Selma, Ben Affleck: Gone Girl, Joaquin Phoenix: Inherent Vice, Chadwick Boseman: Get on Up, Ralph Fiennes: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Bill Murray: St. Vincent.


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