Screen Actors Guild Nominations- Reactions

The SAG Awards nominations have just been announced and it went mainly as expected, but with some massive omissions, most notably Selma and Interstellar, but also just the 1 nomination for Gone Girl, Whiplash and Unbroken. Also some massive shocks that could shape up the Oscar race.

Best Actor: The three that were expected to get nods (Keaton, Redmayne and Cumberbatch), all got nods and were well deserved. I’m really happy for Steve Carell, as this nomination could get him back into contention and Jake Gyllenhaal completes the lineup, making him the dark horse of the competition and is much more deserving than Spall and Cooper. David Oyelowo is unfortunate not to get nominated, but expect him to come back in for an Oscar nod.

Best Actress: Like the Best Actor category, the main contenders all got nods (Moore, Witherspoon, Pike and Jones), making them pretty much locks come Oscar time. The other place was secured by Jennifer Aniston for Cake, a film with very mixed reviews, but her performance has been widely praised. As the 5th place is up for grabs, she could easily take over the place of Amy Adams and Hilary Swank who are currently in contention and pick up a surprise nomination.

Best Supporting Actor: Some runaway leaders are forming here, also as Simmons, Norton, Hawke and Ruffalo all scored deserved nods. The 5th place was taken up by Robert Duvall for the almost completely panned The Judge. I had Duvall in my predictions for the SAG Awards as he is a veteran, who are almost always honoured late in their career. It’s an odd choice, however, and I expect him to be taken over by Tom Wilkinson or Miyavi come Oscar time.

Best Supporting Actress: In a classic example of 6 not being able to fit into 5, it was on everyone’s mind who will miss out here. It turned out that it was both Laura Dern AND Jessica Chastain. Arquette, Knightley, Streep and Stone all got expected and deserved nods, but everyone was shocked to see Naomi Watts nominated. I assumed it was for Birdman, a film that up 4 other nominations. It was infact for her critically panned performance in St. Vincent that just makes you think ‘WHAT?!’. I tip my hat at anyone who predicted that.

Best Ensemble: This was the category I did worst in, with only 2 correct predictions, Birdman and Boyhood. Instead of Foxcatcher, Into the Woods and Selma, The Imitation Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel and the surprising choice of The Theory of Everything got nods instead. Congratulations to them but I would have preffered to have seen Foxcatcher in there instead of TTOE.

Best Stunt Ensemble: This was a category that I didn’t predict because I had no idea where to start. It was interesting that they didn’t choose many Hollywood action blockbusters, instead there was a nod for a superhero film (X-Men: Days of Future Past), sports biopic (Unbroken), musical biopic (Get on Up), World War 2 Action-Drama (Fury) and a fantasy film (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies). They’re pretty solid choices, except I would replace Get On Up (a fine film, but where were the stunt doubles?) and Unbroken with Interstellar and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Overall, this selection is pretty solid and when Selma gets fully into the race, it could be one of the most exciting awards season in recent years.


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