Critics Choice Movie Awards Nominations- Reactions

Best Picture: This category was as expected, apart from Nightcrawler coming in instead of Foxcatcher. If this one change was made, it would have been the 10 picks that I currently have at the Oscars. Overall, a strong category.

Best Director: The 5 frontrunners were nominated and they were joined by Wes Anderson, who is on the march to his 1st directing nod at the Oscars.

Best Actor: The 4 favourites were all nominated and were joined by awards gatecrashers Ralph Fiennes, who is having a late surge and Jake Gyllenhaal who is making a big impression this awards season with nominations at the Golden Globes and SAG. I’m disappointed Steve Carell missed out, he looks so much better than Fiennes. This could cost him dear come Oscar time as Gyllenhaal could easily nab his place.

Best Actress: This is pretty much as expected. Hilary Swank and Amy Adams are gonners in the Oscars and Cotillard is trying to make a comeback, but it is the 5 favourites that are getting nods.

Best Supporting Actor: The regular 4 are absolute locks. Duvall is looking more and more likely to grab a nod everyday and Josh Brolin is keeping his chances alive as Tom Wilkinson’s and Miyavi’s chances are all but gone.

Best Supporting Actress: The 5 Golden Globe nominees all got nods and they are joined by the surprise pick of Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer. This probably means, however, that Laura Dern is completely out of it.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The 6 contenders all got nominated, it’s just the question of who will miss out. My bet is on Inherent Vice missing out, but it could easily be Wild or Unbroken.

Best Original Screenplay: All the picks are critics favourites and there were surprise omissions for Selma and the little loved Foxcatcher. One of them will replace Nightcrawler in the Oscar line-up.

For all the nominations:

P.S. I was aware that there were other nominations announced, but as it doesn’t concern the Oscars, I’m not too concerned.


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