EE BAFTA Rising Star Nominations- Reaction

Today, the Baftas announced the nominees for the EE Rising Star Award, awarding the young actors and actresses making a difference to cinema. In my predictions, I got 2 correct, with Jack O’Connell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw getting deserved nods for their work this year. Completing the list are Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley and Margot Robbie, coming in for the predicted nominees Ben Schnetzer, Ellar Coltrane and the unforgivably snubbed Chadwick Boseman. While these snubs hurt, it’s still pretty strong. To vote, go to

Jack O’Connell: He is the likely winner here, after dominating UK screens in 2014 with his Malcolm McDowell-like qualities in Starred Up and ’71, before his starring role in the Hollywood epic Unbroken. He’s just your average Jack the Lad, but O’Connell has something that resonates with the British public, and most of all, he’s very talented. He’s one to watch.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw: Nominated after her dazzling work in Belle, Mbatha-Raw is sure to get UK  audiences’ attentions again for Beyond the Lights. She is a genuine, breakthrough talent and would be deserving of the award. However, she doesn’t quite get my vote as I believe she has more to give.

Miles Teller: Teller is who I voted for. I see the rising star award as one that shows the impact that and actor has had and Teller’s performance in Whiplash is better than any performance that the other nominees have given. After looking like another rubbish, frat-boy actor in That Awkward Moment, he needed a role that could prove his worth. Luckily, Whiplash was the film that could give it him, as Teller literally sheds blood, sweat and tears as he faces off against Oscar favourite J.K. Simmons. Unfortunately for UK audiences, we’ll next see him in Two Night Stand and the upcoming Fantastic Four, but I’m sure he’ll find some more meaty roles soon.

Shailene Woodley: This is an odd choice as I would have presumed that she had missed her chance in this category in 2012 after her breakthrough, Golden Globe nominated performance in The Descendants. However, she made a real impact this year, raking in high box office figures for Divergent and her critically acclaimed role in The Fault in Our Stars. With more Divergent films on the horizon, she could be the new Jennifer Lawrence.

Margot Robbie: This one annoyed me, mainly for the fact that she hasn’t been in any films eligible for this year’s Baftas. Sure, she was fine in The Wolf of Wall Street and that came out in January 2014 in the UK, but it was nominated for last year’s Baftas. Chadwick Boseman should have got the nod instead for his incredible turn in Get on Up, which will end awards season without a major award nod.


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