Screen Actors Guild Awards- Predictions and Analysis

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are tomorrow night and it’s time to add some analysis to my predictions, that on paper are pretty simple to predict. Awards season this year isn’t providing massive shocks, especially in the acting categories, but are there going to be any shocks.

Best Ensemble: Birdman- This would be the obvious choice, and would be a deserving winner, as all the actors nominated in the ensemble category give the performance of their career. With the most nominations with 4, including nods for Keaton, Norton and Stone, it’s a clear favourite. Boyhood is 2nd favourite, but with only 4 actors nominated here, and The Grand Budapest in 3rd as they have 20 actors nominated including some of the most famous actors in the world like Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray and Adrien Brody. The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything have little chance.

Best Actor: Michael Keaton should win here and if he does, he will be the major frontrunner for the Oscars. Eddie Redmayne has to win to keep a chance of winning at the Oscars, because a BAFTA win won’t be enough, which is a shame as he is far better than Keaton. Cumberbatch, Carell and Gyllenhaal should just be happy to be there.

Best Actress: I will be really shocked if anyone other than Julianne Moore wins here, with Rosamund Pike being the only one with a chance. Yet, this is Moore’s, so Witherspoon, Jones and Aniston will just enjoy the show.

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons will win and everywhere else, which would be a great pick but it’s been done so often, it’s now boring. I think Edward Norton and Ethan Hawke would be more worthy winners and fresher picks, but Simmons will win. Mark Ruffalo’s best chance is on the TV side and Duvall has no chance.

Best Supporting Actress: This is the one that they’ll get spot on, and it will be Boyhood’s only win as Patricia Arquette will win here. Emma Stone is the only one who could possibly cause an upset, but it’s unlikely. There won’t be recognition for Streep, Knightley or Watts.


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