SAG and PGA Leave the Oscar Race Wide Open!

With wins for Julianne Moore, J.K Simmons and Patricia Arquette at the SAG Awards on Sunday night, it is pretty much sewn up for them to win at the Baftas and the Oscars as at the Oscars they all currently have odds of 1/10. However, there was a major shock at SAG as Eddie Redmayne took home Best Actor ahead of the favourite, Michael Keaton. It’s great for 2 reasons: 1. Redmayne is more deserving than Keaton as he delivers the much more accomplished and charming performance that is hefty and meaningful, while Keaton pretty much plays himself. 2. There’s a genuine nail-biting race for who is going to take home gold at the Oscars. The only major ceremony between now and the Oscars are the Baftas, and Redmayne should win on home soil- basically, Keaton should be worried. This race is pretty similar to the one in 1990 between long time favourite Morgan Freeman for Driving Miss Daisy and the acting powerhouse Daniel Day-Lewis for My Left Foot, with Day-Lewis eventually coming out on top. That is why I’m now predicting Redmayne to win at the Oscars, despite previously going for Keaton, as SAG always appeared as the decider.

Meanwhile, there was another massive shock, this time at Saturday’s PGA Awards, where Birdman took home Best Picture ahead of Oscar frontrunner Boyhood. I hope this doesn’t dent Boyhood’s chances at the Oscars as it is by far the best film of the nominees, and would be a worthy winner. Don’t get me wrong, I think Birdman’s great, but not Boyhood great. Birdman’s narrowed it’s odds from 50/1 to 10/1, putting it above The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is now 3rd, and The Imitation Game, which is 4th, both at 25/1. All other contenders, aside from American Sniper at 50/1, are at 100/1. I’m still going for Boyhood, but who knows where it’s going to go.


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