BAFTAs 2015- Reactions

On Sunday night it was the British Academy Film Awards 2015 and it was the most predictable yet, with no real shocks and the winners are all likely to repeat their victories at the Oscars. The overall show was pretty poor, with Stephen Fry’s boring and unoriginal opening monologue, creating just a single chuckle from his Ed Norton gag, and the misjudged booking of Kasabian (Mark Strong’s face told it all). But most of all they got most of the big awards right.

Best Film: With Birdman gaining pace from it’s DGA win, Boyhood had to win here to keep up. Luckily it did and hopefully it will lead to the right decision come the Oscars as Boyhood is the superior film. Also, Ellar Coltrane gave a lovely acceptance speech, they really should let him speak more often.

Best Director: The same as Picture, Linklater remains in the race after Inarritu’s DGA win with a victory here, despite not being present to collect it (Ethan Hawke did a fine job in his place). This is more likely the place where Birdman gets it’s deserved due, but I’m sticking with Linklater as, after all, Boyhood is his masterpiece.

Best Actor: In the biggest turn around of this awards season, Eddie Redmayne has taken this category from the hands of Michael Keaton as he added a BAFTA to his SAG award and Golden Globe. It’s well deserved as well, he is truly stunning in The Theory of Everything, a performance which is probably the best by any actor this year.

Best Actress: This was a predictable win but a delightful one as Julianne Moore won for Still Alice, a film yet to be released in UK cinemas. She was, once again, utterly charming the entire night and it will be great to see her win her first Oscar.

Best Supporting Actor: This was disappointing for me as it has become really boring to see J.K. Simmons win all the time, especially as he gives the same acceptance speech every time (we’ve heard the ‘above average children’ joke 4 times now). I would have much preferred to have seen Steve Carell as he not only gave the superior performance, but he would have given a great acceptance speech. It’s a shame as he’ll probably end awards season this year empty handed.

Best Supporting Actress: Another win for Patricia Arquette, which is never a bad thing, especially as she ditched the paper to give a real heartfelt speech. It’s great to see her get so much success as she really does deserve it for Boyhood.

Best Original Screenplay: This was the major win for the biggest winner of the night, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Ralph Fiennes did a great job reading Wes Anderson’s acceptance speech, but Wes probably won’t get a chance to go up himself as I see Birdman winning here at the Oscars.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The biggest surprise of the major categories was here as The Theory of Everything beat the favourite The Imitation Game. However, Harvey Weinstein’s film will take the Oscar.

Best British Film: Another win for Theory, which was a bit of a surprise but absolutely the right choice as it is the best film of the nominees.

Rising Star: Even though I voted for Miles Teller, I’m delighted for Jack O’Connell who flies the flag the East Midlands and for working class actors. I hope he has a long and prosperous career.


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