For Your Consideration- Who the Academy Should Consider When Voting

With only a few days of final Oscar voting left, I’m giving one extra push for those who would be deserving winners, ones that may not be the first choice of Academy voters. Please, consider these.

Best Picture: Boyhood- Currently in second place after falling behind Birdman, this film, despite being released in the summer, has kept it’s momentum all the way through awards season. Mainly because it is by far the best film of the nominees. It’s original, clever, funny, charming, heart-breaking and caring, a ridiculously ambitious film that went above and beyond all expectations. It’s been facing a backlash recently with idiots complaining that it is boring and a gimmick, but it is far from it. It is a representation of life and the 21st century that no other film has shown, and would be a more than worthy winner of Best Picture.

Best Director: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)- Boyhood wouldn’t be the success that it is without Linklater. His passion shines through as he adds heart and soul to get this simple yet astounding film to the big screen. It may not be as showy as Inarritu’s Birdman, but Linklater’s direction comes from the heart and not the brain. Boyhood is Richard Linklater’s Citizen Kane, his masterpiece, the one that he will be remembered for.

Best Actor: Steve Carell (Foxcatcher)- Even though Eddie Redmayne gave the best performance of the year, Steve Carell is the one who really deserves to win here. He took a massive risk to go so far out of his comfort zone to be the unrecognisable and unforgettable John du Pont. Carell eradicates all memory of Michael Scott and Brick Tamland to give a performance with so much presence and chilliness that stays with you long after the end credits. In terms of achievement, Carell should be plauded and would be a worthy winner, something that will change his career forever.

Best Actress: Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl)- A similar risk that Carell took, Pike rids herself of her lovely, posh Britishness to become Amy Dunne, the kind of casting that absolute genius. Pike has one of those unreadable faces, with her haunting eyes and smile. David Fincher took a massive risk on casting Pike rather than the Hollywood alternatives and it more than paid off. Instead of awarding Julianne Moore because it’s her turn, give the award to the genius of Pike.

Best Supporting Actor: Ethan Hawke (Boyhood)- How can you name Boyhood as Best Picture when you aren’t awarding the best performance of the film. Ethan Hawke’s growth in Boyhood from slacker to cool dad changed the way that single fathers are portrayed on screen, they don’t always have to not care and being a wasted drunk. Hawke shows the heart that comes from Linklater to give the performance of his career and he is considerably better than J.K. Simmons.

Best Supporting Actress: Just give it to Patricia Arquette.


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