Emmys 2015: Comedy Categories Pros and Cons (Part One)

emmy best actor

With almost a week until Emmy Sunday, I thought that I would do the pros and cons of each nominee in each Emmy category. First up, I’m going to the Comedy categories, my personal favourite and my most knowledgeable area of Emmy analysis. Scott Feinberg did a similar article in The Hollywood Reporter and, as he is a great awards analyst, please check that out as well. Let’s get to it:

Best Comedy Series: 

Louie– Pro: A consistent nominee in this category and also scores nominations in both the writing and directing categories, added on to 2 acting nominations. Con: It’s falling in quality and it’s just not being talked about anymore. It’s probably the least watched of any of the series in contention. 7th Place.

Modern Family– Pro: It’s won for every season of it’s broadcast, going for it’s record breaking 6th win in this category. Con: No writing or directing nominations, plus only 2 supporting nominations when it used to get up to 6. 3rd Place.

Parks and Recreation– Pro: It’s the final season of the previous nominee and beloved NBC comedy that did well to get a nomination in a packed category. Con: No writing or directing nominations, only 1 other major nomination and yet to win a single Emmy throughout it’s 7 season run. 5th Place.

Silicon Valley– Pro: One of the best shows on TV, it’s replaced The Big Bang Theory as the geeky comedy of choice. Also has both writing and directing nominations. Con: No acting nominations for neither of it’s first 2 seasons, disappointing for a show that is dominated by it’s actors. 6th Place.

Transparent– Pro: The breakout hit of the year that’s become one of TV’s best, it’s timely and has writing, directing and 3 acting nominations. More nominations than any other comedy series with 11 nominations. Con: It’s more of a drama series, with not to many laughs. 1st Place.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– Pro: A massive fan’s favourite, could follow the success of 30 Rock, which won here for it’s debut season. Also has 4 acting nominations. Con: No writing or directing nominations, it also missed out on a nomination for it’s star, Ellie Kemper. 4th Place.

Veep– Pro: Starring Emmy favourite Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it received it’s first directing nomination this year, added to it’s writing nomination and 3 acting nominations. It’s timely due to the current presidential election.Con: It’s lost in previous years, it proves that the TV academy prefers Modern Family. 2nd Place.

Best Comedy Actor

Anthony Anderson (Black-ish)– Pro: Black-ish is a new show that’s become a fan’s favourite, mainly due to Anderson in the lead role. Season 2 is premiering this month. Con: The show has no other major nominations and he isn’t a household name, neither is the show. 7th Place.

Don Cheadle (House of Lies)– Pro: An Oscar nominee and beloved actor, this is his 4th successive nomination for the show, which he has also received a Golden Globe for. Con: No one’s watching the show anymore. 6th Place.

Louis C.K. (Louie)– Pro: One of only 2 actors nominated here for a Best Comedy Series nominee, Louis C.K. is an Emmy legend who is overdue in the acting category. Con: He’s more likely to be awarded in the writing category and if he would have won here, it would have been in 2012 when Jon Cryer won. 2nd Place.

Will Forte (The Last Man on Earth)– Pro: He has a great episode submission, in which he’s in every scene and is also nominated for writing the same episode (“Alive in Tuscon“- the pilot). Con: He plays a very unlikable character in a show that’s very inconsistent. 4th Place.

Matt LeBlanc (Episodes)– Pro: Now onto his 7th nomination without a win, I read a comment by an analyst that sees him as the Leonardo DiCaprio of the Emmys. He’s excellent on the show and he’s massively overdue. Con: Many have given up on the show, despite it receiving a nomination for Best Writing. 3rd Place.

William H. Macy (Shameless)– Pro: Another Oscar nominee, Macy is undoubtedly terrific on Shameless, up there with David Threlfall’s portrayal of Frank Gallagher in the British series. Con: It’s a very dramatic show, hence the move from drama to comedy. Yet to win so far and the show only has acting nominations. 4th Place.

Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent)– Pro: A television legend who is yet to win his first Emmy, Tambor gives a career best performance in Transparent. He’s probably the best actor in any category. Con: It’s incredibly dramatic and doesn’t bring any laughs. 1st Place.

Best Actress

Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)– Pro: A previous winner and it’s the final season of the show. Con: The show is dramatic and a lot of people gave up before the end. It’s Nurse Jackie‘s only nomination. 6th Place.

Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback)– Pro: A much loved actress and show, Kudrow won for Friends and received a nomination for the first series. Con: It doesn’t have the mainstream appeal of other shows and it doesn’t have any other nominations. 5th Place.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep)– Pro: She’s won for all 3 previous seasons of Veep, added to 2 previous wins for Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine. She’s brilliant on the show which is complete Emmy bait. Con: There are new, stronger competition this year and voters may be fed up of seeing her win. 1st Place.

Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)– Pro: This is the final season of the show and is the last chance to award her for an iconic role. It helps that the show is nominated for Best Comedy Series. Con: The Emmy voters lack sentimentality, hence why Steve Carell lost for The Office in 2011. She also submitted the wrong episode: “Leslie and Ron” was stronger for her than the finale. 2nd Place.

Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer)– Pro: She’s the ‘it-girl’ of the moment, with the very summer hit of Trainwreck under her belt. Con: Variety performers never win in the acting categories, no matter how successful they are away from their shows. 3rd Place.

Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie)– Pro: Lily Tomlin is very popular with the Emmy voters as she is on the board of governors at the TV Academy. She’s recently received Oscar buzz for Grandma. Con: Grace and Frankie isn’t as popular as the other Netflix shows. The fact that Jane Fonda isn’t nominated proves this. 4th Place.

The Primetime Emmy Awards are on Sunday 20th September 2015. Come back soon for Part 2, in which I look at the Pros and Cons of the Supporting Actor and Actress performances, and the writing and directing categories.


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