Emmys 2015: Comedy Categories Pros and Cons (Part 2)

Supporting Actor

I completed Part 1 yesterday and now it’s time for Part 2. Let’s go.

Best Comedy Supporting Actor

Andre Braugher (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)– Pro: He’s a beloved character actor and previous winner in the drama category. He’s brilliant on the show and it’s nice to see him veering away from drama. Con: Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t perform well at the Emmys, only picking up 2 nominations overall. 3rd Place.

Ty Burell (Modern Family)– Pro: He’s the defending champion who’s going for his 3rd Emmy. He’s the only member of the Modern Family male ensemble to regain a nomination. Con: Modern Family didn’t perform well in the nominations. 4th Place.

Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)– Pro: He’s the breakout star of the year, he has a very strong episode and is a viral hit. He’s probably the funniest of the contenders. Con: He’s not yet a household name and it could be considered that he’s just playing himself. Plus, Ellie Kemper couldn’t get a nomination for the show, so could Burgess really go all the way? 1st Place.

Adam Driver (Girls)– Pro: He’s a mainstay in this category who keeps on being nominated, despite the strong submission. Con: Girls hasn’t performed very well this year, only picking up 2 nominations. He was a surprise inclusion. 6th Place.

Tony Hale (Veep)– Pro: He’s a previous winner here and he’s got a strong episode. It’s Veep‘s most successful year yet in terms of nominations. Con: He’s had less screen time than in previous seasons, especially with Hugh Laurie’s appearances on the show, plus the Emmys could be looking to award a new winner here. 2nd Place.

Keegan Michael Key (Key & Peele)– Pro: He’s popular and is something different. Key & Peele also aired it’s final season during voting. Con: Variety performers never win and, at times, he is overshadowed by Jordan Peele in his episode. 5th Place.

Best Supporting Actress

Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory)– Pro: She’s kept her nomination place, despite her co-stars missing out. Con: The Big Bang Theory lost out on it’s Comedy Series nomination, as well as her co-star Jim Parsons (she’s got the show’s only major nomination). Her episode is considered to be the worst of any contender. 7th Place.

Julie Bowen (Modern Family)– Pro: She’s a previous winner for a show that the Emmys love. She’s kept her place in the Supporting Actress category, while her co-star Sofia Vergara has missed out 2 years in a row. Con: The show hasn’t been so successful this year. Her episode isn’t great. 4th Place.

Anna Chlumsky (Veep)– Pro: She’s massively overdue for this character and this is her 3rd nomination. She’s had her strongest season yet and has submitted the best episode of her time on Veep. Con: She’s lost to Janney before and the show may not feel fresh anymore. She’s also often overshadowed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale. 2nd Place.

Gaby Hoffmann (Transparent)– Pro: She gives a brave performance on the show and got in ahead of her co-stars Judith Light and Amy Landecker. She’s also nominated in the guest category for Girls. Con: She’s submitted the wrong episode and she’s often overshadowed by Jeffrey Tambor and Jay Duplass. 5th Place.

Allison Janney (Mom)– Pro: She won last year and the Emmys love her. She’s also nominated for Masters of Sex, proving her acting range. Con: It’s Mom‘s only major nomination. 1st Place.

Jane Krakowski (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)– Pro: She’s massively overdue following her not winning for 30 Rock. She has a couple of stand out episodes and brings more drama to the show. Con: She’s not particularly funny and she’s plays a similar character to her one on 30 Rock, which she didn’t win for. 3rd Place.

Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live)– Pro: She’s managed to break through to be the massive standout of the show. This is her second consecutive nomination. Con: Variety performers don’t win. 6th Place.

Niecy Nash (Getting On)– Pro: She’s popular in the industry and she’s had a decent campaign. Con: No one watches the show, proved by the fact that it’s just been cancelled, and that this is it’s only nomination. 8th Place.

Best Comedy Directing

The Last Man on Earth (“Alive in Tuscon“)– Pro: It’s directed by the most famous comedy directors of the nominees, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have had big hits with The Lego Movie and the Jump Street movies. It’s probably the best episode of the series. Con: The show doesn’t have a Best Comedy Series nomination. 3rd Place.

Louie (“Sleepover“)– Pro: It’s a popular episode, directed by Louis C.K. (who has 37 Emmy nominations and 7 wins to his name), and it features cameos from Michael Cera, Matthew Broderick, John Lithgow and Glenn Close. Con: It tends to be rewarded more in the writing categories. 5th Place.

Silicon Valley (“Sand Hill Shuffle“)– Pro: It has a big cult following and it helps that the show is nominated for Best Comedy Series. It’s nominated here for the second consecutive year. Con: It’s not known for it’s direction and it’s not as showy as others. 4th Place.

Transparent (“Best New Girl“)– Pro: It’s directed by show runner Jill Soloway and it’s a very impressively directed episode. It’s by far the best episode of the series. Con: The show is new and you don’t know how it will do at the Emmys. 1st Place.

Veep (“Testimony“)– Pro: The show has finally broken in to the category and it’s possibly it’s strongest yet. It’s directed by leaving show runner Armando Iannucci. Con: The show wasn’t nominated here for it’s first three seasons. 2nd Place.

Best Writing

Episodes (“Episode 9“)– Pro: This is the 4th writing nomination for the show and has been nominated for every one of it’s seasons, proving that the Emmy voters are watching it. Con: The show only has 2 nominations (the other being for star Matt LeBlanc), and it’s the only one of the nominees that doesn’t also have a directing or series nomination. 6th Place.

The Last Man on Earth (“Alive in Tuscon“)– Pro: It’s written by it’s star Will Forte and the episode is also Forte’s submission. The episode also received a directing nomination. Con: For most of the episode, it’s just Forte talking to himself. The fact that the show doesn’t have a Comedy Series nomination also hurts it’s chances. 5th Place.

Louie (“Bobby’s House“)– Pro: It’s the reigning champion that’s looking for it’s 3rd win in this category. It’s also written by Emmy favourite and star Louis C.K.. Con: The show is losing momentum and isn’t likely to win anywhere else. 3rd Place.

Silicon Valley (“Two Days of the Condor“)– Pro: It’s nominated here for the second successive year and writing is a real strength of the show. Con: It mainly appeals to a younger audience, most of which won’t be voting. 4th Place.

Transparent (“Pilot“)– Pro:  It’s written by Jill Soloway, who’s also nominated for directing and producing. Pilots are often successful in this category with 5 winners and 13 nominations coming for pilots since the turn of the century. Con: Other shows are funnier and it’s an unknown prospect. 1st Place.

Veep (“Election Night“)– Pro: It’s a memorable episode and it marks Veep’s second nomination here, for the same writing team who were nominated last year. Con: It’s been inconsistent in technical categories, and it’s likely to be rewarded elsewhere. 2nd Place.

The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards are on Sunday 20th September 2015. Keep checking back for the pros and cons of the Drama category contenders.


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