Golden Globes: Sorting Out the Mess of the Comedy or Musical Categories

TrumboThe Big ShortThe MartianTrainwreckGrandma

After today’s news that David O. Russell’s Joy is moving to drama, following Love and MercyStraight Outta ComptonMr. Holmes and Youth, that have also moved, the Comedy or Musical categories at the Golden Globes are becoming more and more barren. Is this the death of these categories? Or is it that the HFPA are being more honest with what could be considered a Comedy and what is considered a Musical, after awarding category fraud like with Walk the Line and The Tourist? I’m going to have a look at those in contention, and whether there can be some sense in these categories.

  1. Trumbo– Now in my first place to win Best Musical or Comedy after Joy‘s move, this biopic
    starring previous Golden Globe winner Bryan Cranston received quite a bit of buzz following it’s premiere at TIFF, and I think it has what it takes to win here, even if it isn’t a massive Oscar contender. I think Cranston will easily win Best Actor, possibly leading to an Oscar nomination, which I think he will get, and Helen Mirren may have a slight chance of getting into Best Supporting Actress. It’s not an out-and-out comedy, and it has prestige as a period biopic, but it could fall out of the conversation if it turns into light fluff, but with 82% on Rotten
    Tomatoes, it looks pretty strong.
  2. The Big Short– This is a tricky one, as we really have to wait until it’s premiere next month  at AFI Fest to see if it really is in contention to win. That being said, if it is, it’ll be the one to  beat and a possible Oscar contender, as it has such an incredible cast that it will definitely be widely watched, and be difficult to ignore. Following his nomination last year on the drama side for Foxcatcher, Steve Carell will be looking to go one better for The Big Short, to get his second Golden Globe, following one win for The Office, and he has a good shot. If Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt were also lead, they would have a shot also. Expect 2 nominations, no wins.
  3. The Martian– In what is first and foremost a sci-fi, with comedic elements, this box office hit is the current favourite to win Best Motion Picture and Best Actor, but I don’t have too much confidence in it. I don’t think it’s an Oscar contender, aside from in the technical categories, but this category is so barren that it is still one of the ones to beat. Matt Damon will be nominated, but I have him in 3rd, the same position I have The Martian in the Motion Picture race.
  4. Trainwreck– A critical and commercial summer hit, Trainwreck could be this year’s Bridesmaids and surprise a lot of people, and could be helped by being one of the only out-and-out comedies in contention. Amy Schumer will probably get a Best Actress nomination, but I can’t see Bill Hader getting in, as he couldn’t get in last year for his far, far superior performance in The Skeleton Twins, though it is a weaker year this year. Judd Apatow films haven’t feared too well at the Globes, with Bridesmaids being the only film to get into the Motion Picture race, but John C. Reilly, James Franco and Kristen Wiig have all been nominated for their work in Apatow films.
  5. Grandma– An indie film that is much loved by the few who saw it, the buzz for this film is held purely on the shoulders of Lily Tomlin, who is a shoo-in to win Best Actress, and could sneak into the Oscar race, though it will be difficult as the film is only 78 minutes long. In a weak race, Grandma has just about enough love to get in.

Also in contention: Spy– a film with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, McCarthy could get a nomination, but it isn’t in anywhere in my predictions. Burnt– Bradley Cooper will easily be nominated, which will be his 3rd Golden Globe nomination. Rock the Kasbah– Bill Murray should sneak in to a weak Best Actor category, which would be his 7th Golden Globe nomination. Ricki and The Flash– Meryl Streep will be nominated again, extending her record to 30 Golden Globe nominations. The Lady in the Van– Maggie Smith will likely be in contention, it just depends how will Alan Bennett will transfer over to International audiences. Our Brand is Crisis– Sandra Bullock and no one else.


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