British Independent Film Awards Nominations- Reactions and Predictions

45 years

The British Independent Film Awards announced their nominees for the awards celebrating the best of Independent British cinema. It’s an interesting line-up this year, which proves that the best British talent keeps on returning to independent cinema, and is a good insight to those in contention in this year’s awards season, in particular the BAFTAs, as they have categories for Best British Film and Best First-Time British Director, Writer or Producer. I’m going to look at who I think will win, and why these contenders were nominated. Full list:

Best British Independent Film: The main news here was that the biggest British films of the year in Suffragette, The Danish Girl and Brooklyn, were all snubbed. That means that smaller films, all of which received a limited release and a modest box office. The biggest film of the nominees would be Alex Garland’s Ex_Machina, but without any acting nominations, it may struggle to win, despite great reviews. Macbeth is another big film nominated, but I can’t see it winning. The Lobster leads the nominations, so it does have a good shot, but it may be too international. Then there is 45 Years, which is the only VOD film nominated, which is in with a shot as the reviews have been excellent, and it has nominations for Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling. However, I think Amy will win here. It’s one of the best documentaries of the year, and it really stands out from the rest of the nominees. PREDICTED WINNER: AMY.

Best Actor: In the battle of the Toms, this is a difficult one to call. The big surprise here is that Eddie Redmayne isn’t nominated for The Danish Girl, but that doesn’t hurt his Oscar chances, it just means that someone else has a chance to pick up an award, like Brendan Gleeson did last year. It’s also surprising not to see Ian McKellen for Mr. Holmes. Of the Toms, I’d doubt that Hiddleston will win for High-Rise, as that film hasn’t been release, kind of like X+Y‘s unsuccessful nominations last year. Courtenay has a shot, but, as he’s being pushed in Supporting elsewhere, he’s an unlikely winner. Much more likely is Tom Hardy for Legend, but he could be hurt by that film’s lack of nominations. Colin Farrell is also nominated for The Lobster, but I’m not sure if he’ll win, mainly as it’s a more comedic role. Michael Fassbender also has a shot for Macbeth, but his performance has been overshadowed by his Oscar buzzed performance in Steve Jobs. I’m going to go for Hardy to win, as he has had a great year (with Mad Max: Fury Road and the upcoming The Revenant), and his performance stands out from the rest as he plays 2 roles. PREDICTED WINNER: TOM HARDY (LEGEND).

Best Actress: An incredibly strong category, this is the category with the most Oscar contenders. Despite their being complaints about Lady Macbeth having a supporting role in Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth, Marion Cotillard is nominated here, but she won’t win. It’s nice to see Alicia Vikander in the lead category for The Danish Girl, instead of the supporting category where she is being campaigned. However, as she isn’t British and the film doesn’t have many nominations, she won’t win. It’ll be nice to see Saoirse Ronan win, but she’ll likely be recognised elsewhere. Carey Mulligan has a very good shot , but I think it’ll be Charlotte Rampling who’ll win, especially as the film is nominated for Best Film. She’s a legendary name in British acting, and this will help her push for an Oscar nomination. PREDICTED WINNER: CHARLOTTE RAMPLING (45 YEARS).

Best Supporting Actor: This is surprisingly weak, especially as there is no Jim Broadbent, Emory Cohen or Oscar Isaac here, but it is nice to see a father and son nominated, in Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson. I don’t think Domhnall has much of a shot, as many reviews have said that Emory Cohen is the stand out in Brooklyn, and he is a tad overrated as an actor. Brendan has a better shot, even though his character arc in Suffragette is quite tedious. As with Hiddleston, I’d count out Luke Evans as High-Rise hasn’t been released yet. Ben Whishaw is a great actor, but he should be nominated for Suffragette instead of The Lobster. I would say that Sean Harris is the favourite as he is nominated for Macbeth, the only one of the nominees that is recognised for a film nominated for Best Film. PREDICTED WINNER: SEAN HARRIS (MACBETH).

Best Supporting Actress: Once again, I’d count out Sienna Miller for High-Rise. Olivia Colman has won 2 BIFAs before, and I’d doubt she’ll win again, even though she is receiving raves for The Lobster, and they love her. Julie Walters is hardly in Brooklyn, but she could get by on name recognition alone. I think it’s between the two Suffragette actresses, with Anne-Marie Duff the likely winner instead of Helena Bonham Carter as her role is a lot meatier. PREDICTED WINNER: ANNE-MARIE DUFF (SUFFRAGETTE).

Best Screenplay: I really do think this is a place to reward Ex_Machina, the screenplay is just phenomenal. 45 Years is too much of an actors’ film to win here, and it’s difficult to judge High-Rise, as we only have a 1 minute clip to go by. Sci-fi romantic comedy-dramas are often successful in Screenplay categories, so The Lobster has a good chance, and Brooklyn is the most likely of the nominees to receive a screenplay nomination at the Oscars, which could be to it’s disadvantage. I’ll go for Ex_Machina at the moment. PREDICTED WINNER: EX_MACHINA.

Best Director: Here we have all the nominees for Best British Independent Film nominated again. It’ll be nice to see Asif Kapadia win, but I think he’ll take the top prize instead. I’m going to go for Alex Garland for Ex_Machina, even though it could easily be Justin Kurzel for his visionary adaptation of Macbeth. PREDICTED WINNER: ALEX GARLAND (EX_MACHINA).

Best International Independent Film: People love Carol, so it’ll win here. PREDICTED WINNER: CAROL.

Best Documentary: Amy is the only documentary with multiple nominations, so it’ll win. PREDICTED WINNER: AMY.

Best Debut Director: Paul Katis was nominated in this category at the BAFTAs last year, so it has a good chance. PREDICTED WINNER: PAUL KATIS (KAJAKI: THE TRUE STORY).

Most Promising Newcomer: As she’s shone in both A Royal Night Out and Diary of a Teenage Girl, Bel Powley will win. PREDICTED WINNER: BEL POWLEY (A ROYAL NIGHT OUT).

Outstanding Achievement in Craft: The editing for Amy is stunning, so I see that winning, especially as Ex_Machina‘s 2 nominations may cancel each other out. PREDICTED WINNER: CHRIS KING FOR EDITING (AMY).

Producer of the Year: I thought this would come under Best Film. I don’t know what this category is really for, so I’ll go for The Lobster as that has the most overall nominations, so the producer must be doing something right. PREDICTED WINNER: THE LOBSTER.

The Discovery of the Year: As I’ve actually only heard of 2 of them, I’m going to take a random guess. Let’s go for Orion. PREDICTED WINNER: ORION: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING.

Best British Short: No idea. Let’s go for Crack. PREDICTED WINNER: CRACK.

The Moet British Independent Film Awards are on 6th December 2015.


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