Transparent Season 2 Trailer Reaction

Transparent Season 2

As you may have seen, Amazon have released the trailer for the second season of my favourite current show on TV (or not on TV), Transparent. After a brilliant debut season, which won 2 Golden Globes- 1 for Jeffrey Tambor and the other one for Best Comedy Series, 3 Creative Arts Emmys- for Title Music, Costume Design and Guest Actor for Bradley Whitford, and 2 Primetime Emmys- for Best Director for Jill Soloway and Best Actor for Jeffrey Tambor, the hit show returns for it’s sophomore season and I am incredibly excited for it, especially as it is released 2 days before my birthday.

The main theme of the trailer was to show that this is a show about a family, which it truly is, and it’s not just about Maura, even though she is so excellently portrayed by Tambor. With ‘It’s a Family Affair’ playing over the top, it mainly focusses on the three Pfefferman children, Sarah, Josh and Ali, all played very well by Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass and Gaby Hoffmann, respectively, with Hoffmann picking up an Emmy nomination for the first season. That’s actually who the first season is about, even though it was Tambor who got the praise and heralded as the lead as he plays the title role, and it was about Maura’s role as a parent, rather than about herself. I can definitely see Sarah being the focus of this season: it looks as if her partnership with Tammy (Melora Hardin) is on the rocks, and she also is seen making an abrupt entrance to her old home to see her ex-husband and her kids. I think we have to see when the Sarah’s and Tammy’s wedding place (most likely in the premiere) for how the drama is affected.

Meanwhile, we have Josh trying to piece together his relationship with Rabbi Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), following the news of him meeting his son for the first time in Season 1’s finale. I hope there is a lot of screen time for this plotline as I love Duplass and Hahn togther, they have such great chemistry. We also have Ali  in the mix, but it’s more difficult to guess what her role will be next season, but hopefully it will include Carrie Brownstein, who briefly features in the trailer. Unfortunately, it looks like there won’t be much screen time for Judith Light, who really shone towards the end of last season, with episode 9 being a particular highlight.

As far as Maura is concerned, she’s moved on from having to come out as transgender, now she has to consider whether she wants to have gender re-construction surgery, something that she’ll ‘have to think about’. Jill Soloway has said that, in this season, Maura isn’t the lead character. Despite this, Tambor will still get most of the attention, and should be in a strong position to retain his Emmy in the Leading category.

One striking thing that I’ve found with the promotional material surrounding Season 2 is how comedic it’s been. The show has received it’s fair share of criticism for competing in the comedy categories at various awards shows, but it does look like it is trying to incorporate more humour into it’s episodes that what we are used to from the show. Is it a good move? I’m not so sure, mainly because it’s so strong at doing drama, particularly in ‘Best New Girl’. That being said, with so many comedic talents on show, like Tambor, who has shown his comedic chops on Arrested Development, and Carrie Brownstein, who’s excellent on Portlandia, it has the potential. We’ll have to wait and see.

Overall, I think this trailer shows how truly great the ensemble is on Transparent, making it one of the frontrunners for Best Ensemble at SAG. Also, with guest appearances on the way from Oscar winner Anjelica Huston and a new role for Bradley Whitford, you can’t help but be excited. I, honestly, can’t wait. Check out the trailer for yourself:

All 10 episodes of Transparent Season 1 are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Season 2 is released on Friday 11th December 2015, exclusively on Amazon Prime.


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