SAG Awards (Film) Nominations- Reactions and Predictions

As soon as we thought we had figured out the awards race, the Screen Actors Guild pick loads of shockers and now we’re back to square one. While there was success for most of the frontrunners in each category, none of the big players can say that they’re particularly pleased with the outcome, with the big winners of the day were Trumbo, which leads the way with¬†an impressive 3 nominations, Beasts of No Nation, which took home 2 nominations, and The Big Short, which managed to gain 2 nominations against the odds. Let’s have a look at each category on the film side, and how I got on predicting them. I’m going to look at the TV categories, along with them at the Globes, sometime next week when I have a bit more time.

Best Ensemble: The most unpredictable category, this one was full of jaw droppers, aside from Spotlight, which is by far the frontrunner and I will bet my house on it winning. I predicted The Big Short correctly, I knew they couldn’t resist a cast like that, but I would have never guessed that Beasts of No Nation, which only has 3 credited actors, Trumbo, and Straight Outta Compton would have gotten in. This unpredictability is exciting, and I’m particularly pleased for Beasts, as it is one of my favourite films of the year, but we all know who’s going to win. PREDICTED WINNER: SPOTLIGHT.

Best Actor: 4 out of 5 here, which isn’t bad, with Bryan Cranston the only one making it that I didn’t predict, replacing Matt Damon, which I’m very pleased about, as Damon’s performance in The Martian is not nearly good enough to attract this kind of attention. I’m pleased to see Fassbender in here, he’s a deserving nominee, but I don’t expect him, or Redmayne, or even Johnny Depp, challenging Leonardo DiCaprio, who will easily win here, as he will at all major ceremonies. PREDICTED WINNER: LEONARDO DICAPRIO (THE REVENANT).

Best Actress: While the three frontrunners got in, Larson, Ronan, and Cate Blanchett, 2 rank outsiders managed to sneak in, with Sarah Silverman for I Smile Back and Helen Mirren for The Woman in Gold sneaking in to earn themselves a nomination ahead of Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan and Charlotte Rampling, to name a few. Mirren basically got in on name recognition and Silverman is this year’s Jennifer Aniston in Cake-type performance (see Kristen Wiig’s Crying in a Sweater) that gets SAG’s attention, and therefore they won’t challenge. I see a comfortable win for Brie Larson here. PREDICTED WINNER: BRIE LARSON (ROOM).

Best Supporting Actor: 2 out 5 here, with Mark Rylance and Idris Elba being the only ones that I got right, and they will probably contest the win. I probably should have seen Jacob Tremblay’s nomination coming, as SAG don’t care about Category Fraud and they love awarding kids. I’m pleased for him, as he is now the youngest ever individual nominee at SAG. Christian Bale got in on the wave of The Big Short’s ensemble recognition, which will probably get him a Globe nod tomorrow, and Michael Shannon continues to excel this awards season with a nomination for the hardly-buzzed 99 Homes. It’s between Rylance and Elba, but as SAG love Beasts of No Nation and Idris Elba (he received 3 nominations today), I’m going to say that they’ll award him, revitalizing his Oscar chances. PREDICTED WINNER: IDRIS ELBA (BEASTS OF NO NATION).

Best Supporting Actress: 4 out of 5, with only Jennifer Jason Leigh missing out (due to screeners not being sent out) and SAG favourite Helen Mirren coming in for Trumbo. I’d say that it’ll be one of the category fraudsters, Rooney Mara or Alicia Vikander, who wins. I’ll go for Mara, but it could go either way. PREDICTED WINNER: ROONEY MARA (CAROL).

Best Stunt Ensemble: There are a few inspired choices here. Mad Max: Fury Road is a likely winner, but all the nominees are deserved, particularly after last year’s all-over-the-shop nominees like Get on Up. Everest is an inspired choice, so is Rogue Nation, but they stand a chance against Fury Road. PREDICTED WINNER: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be held on Saturday 30th January 2015.


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