Golden Globe Awards Nominations- Late Reactions

Film Review-The Big Short

Sorry that I couldn’t do this sooner, I’ve been rather busy this week, with work and with following all these precursors. Anyway, the HFPA didn’t have as many shockers as SAG did on Wednesday, and we got some stronger footing on who will get an elusive Oscar nomination, but they did throw a few spanners in the works. It was a very good day for Carol, which scored 5 nominations, and The Big Short, as they scored 4. However, it wasn’t so good for Black Mass, that left empty handed, and Bridge of Spies, which only got 1. Here are my picks for who’s out front to win each category on the film side, and I’ll do my TV predictions for both Globes and SAG next week.

Best Motion Picture- Drama:  I only got 2 right predictions here, with only Spotlight and The Revenant picking up nominations, with Bridge of Spies, Steve Jobs and Brooklyn all missing out, and knocking their best picture chances, as Carol, Room, and Mad Max: Fury Road all coming in. For me, I would say that Spotlight is the clear frontrunner, but with only 2 other nominations their name, including no acting nominations, it could struggle. Watch out for Carol, which lead the nominations, and The Revenant, which got 3 other nominations, including Best Director and Best Actor. PREDICTED WINNER: SPOTLIGHT.

Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical: The 4 locks all got nominations, and the 5th place, which was massively up for grabs, went to an actual comedy(!) in Spy, ahead of my prediction of The Lady in the Van. The nomination is the reward for Spy, as it is for Trainwreck, which marks Judd Apatow’s first directed film nominated in this category. It’s between Joy, The Martian and The Big Short. I have a sneaky suspicion that The Big Short will take it, mainly due to it’s Screenplay nomination, though The Martian did get into Director, but I think that won’t win as many voters may want to snub it as it is clear category fraud. Joy hasn’t been getting great reviews, but the HFPA love David O. Russell. PREDICTED WINNER: THE BIG SHORT.

Best Actor in a Drama: The big shocker here was that Johnny Depp missed out, despite being adored by the HFPA, who even nominated him for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and The Tourist. Instead, both Bryan Cranston, who only got moved into Drama last month, and Will Smith got in, boosting their Oscar chances. Fassbender and Redmayne cement their Oscar nominations, but this is only going to one person: Leonardo DiCaprio. He will win every Best Actor award this season. PREDICTED WINNER: LEONARDO DICAPRIO (THE REVENANT).

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical: Surprisingly for the HFPA, they actually made some decent picks here, with Mark Ruffalo getting in for the underseen Infinitely Polar Bear, and Al Pacino getting in from Spring’s Danny Collins, ahead of the likes of Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Bill Hader. The Big Short did well getting both Christian Bale and Steve Carell in, but, as much as I want Carell to win, it will go to Matt Damon for his *hilarious* performance in the laugh-riot The Martian. PREDICTED WINNER: MATT DAMON (THE MARTIAN).

Best Actress in a Drama: This category went as expected, proving that The Weinstein Company and Focus Features need to stop messing around and put Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander in lead, as they’ll get nominated anyway. This is only going to one person: Brie Larson. PREDICTED WINNER: BRIE LARSON (ROOM).

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical: This is a really difficult one to call. Melissa McCarthy did well to get a nomination, and Spy is nominated for Best Comedy, so don’t count her out. Both Maggie Smith and Lily Tomlin are beloved veterans and will have support, so they both have a shot. Amy Schumer is the ‘it-girl’ of the  moment, and Trainwreck is nominated in Best Comedy, so she is a strong possibility. I’m going for Jennifer Lawrence, as she already has 2 Globes from roles in David O. Russell films, and she needs to win if she wants that Oscar nomination. PREDICTED WINNER: JENNIFER LAWRENCE (JOY).

Best Supporting Actor: With no Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo or Tom Hardy in the line-up, this race is a lot more wide open than we first thought. The nomination is the win for Paul Dano and Michael Shannon, both of whom may go onto receiving Oscar nominations. Mark Rylance and Idris Elba both have a good chance, as they are also nominated on the TV side and they’re the only locks for an Oscar nod. This is probably going to Sly Stallone for Creed, as the narrative is there for him to go all the way. PREDICTED WINNER: SYLVESTER STALLONE (CREED).

Best Supporting Actress: With Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander in lead, it’s an opportunity for one of the contenders lower down the rankings to take home some silverware. I don’t see it going to either one of the veterans, Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda, nor Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs, who is too ‘good-not-great’ to win here. Alicia Vikander has a chance for Ex_Machina, which has gained momentum, deservedly as it’s a great performance, but this will probably go to Jennifer Jason Leigh for The Hateful Eight. PREDICTED WINNER: JENNIFER JASON LEIGH (THE HATEFUL EIGHT).

Best Director: I have no clue where this is going. It could be Todd Haynes, as they love Carol. It could be Inarritu because he lost the Globe last year to Richard Linklater. It could be Tom McCarthy, as Spotlight will probably win Best Drama. It could be George Miller, as Mad Max’s buzz is going through the roof. I think it will go to Ridley Scott, mainly due to him having the right narrative. PREDICTED WINNER: RIDLEY SCOTT (THE MARTIAN).

Best Screenplay: I think this is rather straightforward. Steve Jobs’ screenplay is phenomenal, but it missed out in Best Drama, as did The Hateful Eight, while Room is in a bit of a ‘Gone Girl’ situation last year, where they’re not massive fans of authors adapting their own novels. The Big Short could sneak it, but it’s perhaps too comedic to win. This will go to Spotlight, and it needs to if it’s going to win Best Drama. PREDICTED WINNER: SPOTLIGHT.

Best Animated Feature: This cements the nominees for the Oscars. While Anomalisa has a shot, even though more so at the Oscars, Inside Out has all the ingredients to be a worthy winner here. PREDICTED WINNER: INSIDE OUT.

Best Original Song: As a big ‘screw you’ to the Academy, who recently snubbed the song from their longlist of contenders in this category, the winner will be Brian Wilson for ‘One Kind of Love’ from the brilliant Love and Mercy. PREDICTED WINNER: ‘ONE KIND OF LOVE’ (LOVE & MERCY).

Best Foreign Language Film: Bet your house on Son of Saul winning. PREDICTED WINNER: SON OF SAUL.

Best Original Score: While the score for The Hateful Eight has been getting raves, we all know how much the HFPA love to spread the wealth. This looks like the ideal place to award Carol. PREDICTED WINNER: CAROL.

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Ricky Gervais, will be held on Sunday 10th January 2016.


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